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OK – Scarlett and I did the hour-long birdwatch while enjoying a late breakfast.  The idea is record the maximum number of each species seen (to avoid counting the same bird twice).

I’ve submitted the results to the RSPB website.  The final score was:

  • Goldfinch 4
  • Blue Tit 5
  • Collared Dove 2
  • Blackbird 4
  • Sparrow 4
  • Starling 1
  • Robin 1
  • Great Tit 1
  • Dunnock 1

Disappointingly, the Greenfinches and Chaffinches we regularly get in the garden didn’t make an appearance, nor the more unusual species such as Woodpeckers and Jays that occasionally pop in.  But that’s how it goes with any sampling technique – the data all evens out if enough people do it.


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GoldfinchJust a quick note to remind you about the Big Garden Birdwatch.  If you haven’t done it today, there is still time tomorrow.  Scarlett and I will be doing it tomorrow morning.

It only takes an hour, it gets you closer to your local wildlife and you’ll be helping to monitor bird numbers across the country.

See http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/takepart.aspx for full details of how to take part.

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