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I’ve said it before.  Badgers are fascinating creatures.  Almost everyone who comes into contact with them finds them compelling and slightly addictive.  Our countryside is certainly a better and richer place for having badgers.

And yet surely there are many perils in the world for badgers.  They are affected by development and loss of habitat.  They are killed on the roads in large numbers.  Most sickeningly, there is still a small minority of people who set out to deliberately harm them.

This is why anyone who gives up their time and energy protecting badgers is worthy of support.

The Kirklees Badger Protection Group are just such people.  Like many groups, they work hard behind the scenes to help the badgers in their local area, and their passion for the animals is obvious.

What is even better is that you too can get involved.  The KBPG is looking for volunteers to help monitor setts.  If you live in the West Yorkshire area and you’ve ever fancied the idea of getting out and watching badgers, then this is a great opportunity.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been badger watching before and you’re not sure what to do – everything will be explained.  Not only will you get an introduction to these wonderful animals, but you’ll be helping to protect them too.

Check out the website for more details – Kirklees Badger Protection Group

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