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Having watched badgers for a few years now, I’ve decided that I want to do my bit for the badgers in my area.  I am pleased to say that I have joined the Bedfordshire Badger Network.

Affiliated to the Bedfordshire Natural History Society, the Network is run by volunteers who give up their time to monitor and help conserve badgers in the county. As well as dealing with day-to-day badger-related matters such as giving advice to on what to about badgers in their garden, the Network has a history of research, including some fascinating (and very broad-ranging) bait marking studies.

I will be helping to check and map setts in my local area, helping to maintain the already impressive register of badger activity.  This is pretty much what I’ve been doing already, but now my badger watching will be contributing in a small way to the overall body of knowledge.  The added benefit for me is that I’ll be able to learn from people far more experienced than me.

I’ll still be the same rough, tough independent badger watcher, but it’s good to know that I’m doing something to help out.

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