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For the last couple of nights we’ve had a visitor to the garden in the form of a tawny owl. My wife and I were sitting in the living room at dusk when we saw something big fly past the window. We’re used to bats but this was much bigger, so being curious people we went outside for a look.

It turned out to be a tawny owl. It was sitting on our telephone wire, and over the next 20 minutes or so we watched as it flitted around the nearby roofs and trees. It was calling and we could another owl answering in the distance, together with what sounded like a chick a little nearer – a much higher pitched call. We could only assume that it had a nest nearby and the chick had just fledged.

I’ve heard owls calling many times when I’ve been out and about, but this is the first time I’ve had one in the garden. I enjoy going out into the country to watch wildlife, but it makes things much easier when it comes to you!

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